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5 Productivity Apps I Use

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Productivity is said to be achieved through the environment we build and that includes our digital environment. I found that integrating productivity into my phone, allowed me to hold myself accountable, as well as diversify my methods of studying. The 5 apps below helped me build my system of productivity, so I thought I would share them with you.


This note-taking app took the productivity world by storm, so much so that I had to try it out. The great thing about Notion is that it has so many features that traditional note-taking apps don't have and it is completely free. With Notion, you can to create a system of hierarchy in your notes, you can duplicate the templates onto your workspace and it is fairly easy to navigate.

Cons: You cannot make changes to your notes offline.


This app is used to create mindmaps, I use the free version which works great. It's useful for visualising ideas or planning project and you can even create mind maps for certain topics in your studies. What I love about this app, is that you can attach full-length notes withing each element of your map and create a hierarchy of elements.

Cons: The full version has unlimited elements but isn't free

Sleep Cycle

This is an alarm app however, I believe that sleep and waking up at the right time is a crucial element to productivity. This is the only alarm that works for me because instead of blaring you awake the alarm gently wakes you up. You can set a 'wake up phase' and track how you slept that night.

Cons: You cannot view the weekly analytics for your sleep pattern on the free version.

Habit Bull

If you need to track several habits, this is a great app for you. Habit Bull is free, and you can easily categorise and customise your habits. I used this throughout my A-levels to track how many times I reviewed flashcards and notes. Habit Bull features reminders to keep you on track and shows you your success streak.

Cons: it does include a premium subscription but I only used the free version.


This is a digital flashcard app, which is more practical compared to physical flashcards. You can create your own set of flashcards or choose from the millions available for free. I used this app when I was studying for my IGCSE exams and it is great for active recall.

Cons: You can't use it offline on the free version

Those are my 5 apps for creating a productive study system, let me know down in the comments if you have any apps you find useful. Thank you for reading, please like and subscribe for more content like this.

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