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5 Tips For Getting Back To University

Hey guys, welcome back to the blog. It's a new semester, which means new courses, new people and renewed stress. However, it also means that after the first semester, you now have the advantage of not being completely clueless on how university works. (Even if you are, that's why I'm here).

Nevertheless, starting a new semester can seem daunting next to the break you've had for weeks. While it may seem overwhelming, it's definitely a good idea to start prepping yourself early and you've already achieved the hardest step - getting to this article. I'll help you prep for getting back to uni while I get back to mine. Here's a little disclaimer, this article was written during covid and lockdown, but whenever or wherever you are, you will find some of these tips helpful.

#1. Preschedule lectures, seminars & tutorials

The first thing you need to do is find your timetable, your university should provide you with a digital one, if not you can always make your own using Google calendar. Find out the dates and times of all your lectures, tutorials, and seminars and enter them onto your calendar. This will ensure that you don't miss out on anything and it makes calendar blocking easier in the long run.

#2. Uni Prep List

Second, find your course outline or any guidance information from your tutors/lecturers on how this course will be carried out. This is important throughout the whole semester and to know if there is any prep work you have to do before the lectures start. Once you've collected all of your course information, make a checklist of the tasks you have to get done before class starts. Then number your tasks from 1 to 3 - most to least important.

For example; I have 2 readings to get done, along with a set of discussion questions. I have four courses in total, but only two of them require my immediate attention.

#3. Check Emails from Lecturers

This is the time to check your email at least once a day if not twice. Lecturers usually send important emails one week before the semester starts and it's a good way to ask any basic questions and get acquainted with them before class.

#4. Get started on the Reading

It's essential that you get started on your first module's reading before any of your lectures. Even though your lecturers might not mention it, it is somewhat expected of you, especially when you're getting back to start a new semester. In university, your tutors and lecturers won't hold you accountable or check if you've done the reading, all of that responsibility falls onto you, so make sure you have a basic understanding of what your lectures are talking about before you attend.

#5. Uni Admin

Another tip is to enrol onto all of the sites and discussion forums instructed by your lecturers well before your new semester starts. For example, my courses are run on Blackboard and many of my lecturers use Perusall and Discord for class discussions. So before classes begin, get familiar with the sites and softwares your course requires by exploring and watching a few introductory videos.

Thank you for reading this short article, if you have any tips or worries please share them down in the comments. Times like these can be rough for students, which is why building a community is essential. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Like and follow for more posts like this one, xoxo.

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