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How I Organise My Life on Notion

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Hey Study Pros, welcome back! In this blog post, we're going to cover my in-depth productivity system in Notion. I've been using Notion for quite some time now, it is a note-taking app that provides the functions that many other apps do not have. It is also pretty easy to use as there are several templates you can choose to duplicate into your workspace. So let's get into how I use Notion to organise my life.

#1 Life Admin

I created this page in my personal space to track my daily habits and any weekly/monthly tasks I need to take care of. I am not strict about using this page often because I like to be flexible but I keep it for when I feel I need to get back on track. I used one of Notion's user templates to form the base and I tweaked a few things to make it more personal to my needs. This is basically a free digital life planner/bullet journal.

This is the layout on my phone, which looks more compact than the one on my laptop.

#2 Reading List

I like to keep track of the books I read, this also helps me to actively engage with the books and learn something from them rather than flip through mindlessly. I duplicated the template exactly as it was and simply added my data. What's great about Notion is that you can personalise each pace with a cover and icon. You can also use this for articles, videos, movies and other types of media.

#3 Study/Work

You can track or expand on any interest or hobby you have in Notion, but you can also use their templates for education and work to be more efficient. You can easily turn any section into a page and have limitless space for your notes and you can also use a toggle feature that is great for note-taking and active recall. Notion has a great systematic hierarchy. All your notes can be located on one page, "class notes", which includes several subpages according to your subjects and topics. You can easily move around pages or create links to them, as well as add additional notes that you want to remember but don't want to see.

#4 Getting Things Done

One thing I enjoyed learning is the 'Getting Things Done' system and how you can create several linked databases to manage your tasks. The whole principle behind this system is creating a flow of tasks from high priority to low priority. The video below gives you a glimpse of how this lays out. I learnt how to create this through a video featuring Khe Hy, a productivity and Notion expert, so let me know down in the comments if you'd like the link to that.

Thank you for reading, these are all my own opinions and feedback, this post was not sponsored. I had a hard time organising the little aspects of my life throughout the years, but laying it all on Notion helped clear my mind and space, so I thought it would be a useful tool for students as well. I hope you enjoyed this post, please like and follow for more, xoxo.

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